Michel “Meshach” Nestor

Meshach has been referred to by many as “The Voice of the Generation”


He hails from the small village of Choiseul in the South of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. He was born on August 25th, 1969 to a family greatly involved in the local St. Lucian Festivals. He grew up in a rich musical environment and from an early age he was exposed to all genres of music from Country and Western, R&B, Reggae, Calypso, to Pop and Rock & Roll. The Nyabinghi Drums were also a significant part of his childhood musical experience.

As a teenager, Meshach not only realized his talent for singing and songwriting, but he also began to find spiritual guidance in Rastafari. He began looking at mentors like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jacob Miller. As he grew older, he developed a strong spiritual faith in Haile Selassie I. In addition to his musical talent, Meshach also has a love for dance. He spent two years with the Afro Caribbean Dancers and his dancing experience is apparent in his performance on stage.


It is difficult to put a label on Meshach for he has his own original style and can be anyone his audience wants him to be. In addition to his constant lyric writing, guitar playing and bible reading, Meshach finds time to farm, raise horses, go horseback riding and play football.


Meshach and his band Wevolusion have secured a number of accomplishments. They have performed alongside such greats as Bunny Wailer, Junior Reid, Everton Blender, Sizzla, Cappleton, third World, Barrington Levy, Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrika, Glen Washington, Luciano, Determine, Jah Mason, Anthony B, Beres Hammond, Damian Marley, I Wayne, Beenie Man, Jabami, Teflon and Assassin at various shows in Barbados, Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Canada and St, Lucia. His St. Lucia performances include ICC Cricket World Cup, 2007 and the St. Lucia Youth Fest in December 2013.


Meshach has performed for the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival over the past few years – 2010 The Creole Jazz Festival in Soufriere, 2011 Jazz on the Beach, 2013 with Barbara Cadet at Soufriere Jazz and Fond D’Or Jazz, 2014 at Jazz on the Square, 2016 Piaye Jazz. Meshach recently opened for Beres Hammond and Krosfyah at the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2015-main stage at Pigeon Island National Landmark.


Meshach performed with the Royal St. Lucia Police band at the Gala Closure of the 2013 National Arts Festival in St. Lucia. He was one of the only featured composers and was presented with a Music Award for his accomplishments in the area of Musical Composition.


In 2001 Meshach released his first full length CD “Awake.” This work of art has received nothing but praise from all spectrums of the world. The CD consists of 13 tracks and was recorded at Kronic Heights Studio in St. Lucia and at Heavy Beat Studio in Miami with assistance from Willie Lindo. It was overdubbed at Majesty Studio in Atlanta. Songs like “Mister Greedy Joe,” “New Dreams,” “Hail” and “Ethiopian Princess” hit #1 on the local charts. “Ethiopian Princess” hit #1 on WLIB in New York. The Awake album has reached the air waves in the USA, Fance, England, Canada, the Caribbean Region, and Slovenia, USSR.


Since then Meshach has released a number of singles, “World Peace”, “Stay Out of Trouble”, “Free up Your body and Save Your Soul”, “Police Officer”, “Babylon Burning”, “Do Good”, “No Retreat No Surrender”. He is featured on a compilation cd “Blessed” produced by CRS music in Barbados. He is presently working on a new CD, Two music videos featuring the singles “Stay out of Trouble” and “world Peace”. Can be viewed on youtube.

Meshach is affectionately dubbed “The Voice of the Sufferer.” By his thousands of fans in St. Lucia and around the world. He continues to thrill his audiences with his electric voice and captivating stage personality as he spreads his message of Peace, Love and Unity.



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Annual Reggae Night

February 15th, 2019



by Meshach